Portion Control

I’m sure you have thought of it before; the car you would buy if you won the lottery. I’m also sure that you probably have a picture of it in your head right now.

So tell me, how many people do you think, would now have their minds eye filled with a Hybrid vehicle, or even a true EV?

How about something that is just smaller and more efficient than what you have now? Maybe a few extra hands would have been raised then, but I still would not expect even near a majority. Probably not even half.

Like many car enthusiasts, my winnings would dwindle on a whole fleet of vehicles, not to mention the well appointed garage where they would reside (and quite possibly a small shed for the family could be erected out the back somewhere with whatever is left over).
I’m equally sure that for every rev head that dreams of a Veyron to tow their track day ZR-1, there is at least one 1968 Superbug driving faux-greeny whom would step into an Audi Q7, the moment their numbers came up. (sidenote: VW beetles are attrocious polluters)

I’m not pointing the finger at anyone and I am not trying to discredit any anthropological influence on the global climate. I am just trying to highlight that the term “hybrid” is loosing some of its draw. It has become less hip because people now expect modern cars to be more efficient.

I find the Chevrolet (and come 2012, Holden)Volt kind of interesting but it is not on my lottery list. Same goes for Honda and Toyota’s offerings. If the volume of hybrid vehicles is ever going to become sustainable, it will only happen when the offerings become more aspirational.

Right now, they are about as sexy as me in an ensemble from the Dame Edna Everidge collection (and that ain’t pretty).

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