Terrain Foot Well Lights Part 2

The foot wells on my 2012 Terrain did not have lights from the factory.  While looking on Terrain Forum, I found out the wiring is already in place for the lights.  All you need to do is install them.  The passenger side is the easiest one to do.  It doesn’t require more than a knife or scissors to cut the tape.  The driver side is a bit more involved, but still a normal DYIer can easy tackle the project.

Skill Level: 3 out of 10 for the Driver Side.
Time: Half Hour.
Tools: 7MM and a 10mm wrench or sockets.
 Models this may work on: 2012/2011 Terrian SLE2,  2011 1LT/2LT Equinox, 2012 LS Equinox.  If you find the wire on the behind the glove box you should be good to go.

You can buy the lights online from http://gmpartsdirect.com for under $45.00 with shipping.  You can also go down to your local dealer and buy the lights from the parts department.  The GM Part number is 13503059.  You will receive both the light bulb and the housing.

Driver Side

Remove the bolt with a 7MM wrench or socket.  The bolt is under the hood lever.

Remove the bolt with a 7mm socket or wrench.  The bolt is above the gas pedal.  There are only two bolts holding the panel on.

Grab the panel under the steering column and pull straight away from the dash towards the seat.  Do not pull down towards the floor.  Six clips hold it in place.  It doesn’t take to much pressure to take the panel off.


Remove the four bolts with a 10mm socket or wrench. The plate will come right off.

On the left side of the opening, you will see a thick wiring harness with the wire we need taped to it.  My tape was white just like the passenger side.

Here is the harness pulled out.

Thread the wire into the light cut out and connect the bulb.  Pop the housing into place.

Put the plate back on with all the bolts and pop the cover and bolt it back on.  Enjoy!

This is one of the few projects that my wife really liked.  She has told me more than once that she loves the new lights.

Here is the Passenger Side.

I want to give full credit to  http://www.terrainforum.net/ for getting me started on this project.  I have found them to be a wealth of knowledge.

Disclamer:  You are taking advice from a Shade Tree Do It Yourselfer. Results may vary!  If this is out of your comfort zone, take it in to be fixed by a pro!


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